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Summer Time Blues

The rainy season is rapidly approaching us. Wait who am I kidding it's been raining since October of last year. With all this rain it has me wondering is this summer gonna be one for the record books here in Charlotte NC. Will it be so hot it's just miserable, or will we continue to follow suite and be washed out . I dont even want to think about it any more. Summer is not even here and I already have them summer time blues lol.

With summer coming full speed ahead we all know the power bill is going to soar. The only people that will enjoy that will be the owners of the power companies, am I right or what?

There are a few things we can do to help this year and the years to follow. Green Exterior Remodeling does free in home inspections of your windows an entry ways. We look for broken glass seals, rotten window seals, gaps in your Windows and Doors and many more things that could be energy vampires to your home.

We specialize in Window Replacement we have all types of windows from vinyl to wood and fiberglass. We also custom build every window to your home to ensure that perfect fit and life long beauty.

We also specialize in Door Replacement we have anything from steel to fiberglass (smooth or textured). We also provide custom built wood doors in Mahogany and Knotty Alder. If you want it Green Exterior Remodeling has it.

We want to help you bring comfort back to your home at a comfortable price. If you are considering upgrading your home please call us at 9803287711 and set an appointment today or just book it on our calendar online do not wait to start saving. We also offer all types of financing even interest free, so what's stopping you.

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