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By : Jill Scheer


The windows in your home can impact many areas. A new window installation can give your home a much-needed facelift by improving your home’s décor, curb appeal and efficiency. If this is an update you’re going to be doing this year, start with your budget. The average cost to install windows is $4,516, with most homeowner spending between $3,207 and $5,252. This is the cost to add or install 5-10 windows, but the cost will change depending on not only the number of windows but also what style you choose.

Energy Efficiency

This year especially, homeowners are focusing on sustainability and how choices made inside the home will impact the environment. Most homeowners will opt to install new windows because they’re not doing the basic function of keeping the cold air out in the winter and the hot air in the summer. If you have leaky or inefficient windows, you could be paying a higher utility bill than homeowners with new Energy Star certified windows.

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